Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I'm getting an error along the lines of "unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application."
Install the .net framework redistributable package: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=0a391abd-25c1-4fc0-919f-b21f31ab88b7

I keep getting warnings/errors like "UNABLE TO DECOMPRESS FILE, WRITING DEFLATED FILE"
This is normal. Some files in the RAF archives are not compressed.
The program will write to a file named "nocompress" so that it doesn't compress the files when packing, either.

I just dumped the raf, and it took a long time. Do i have to do this with every archive?'s raf is actually the largest one, with a grand size of 600mb and an unpack size of ~1gb.
The size of the other archives is pretty small, comparatively, at something like ~10mb each.

Dump/Pack times are long, will this be shortened in the future?
Yes, stuff's planned. It's coming soon (tm).

I'm getting errors such as System.IO.FileNotFoundException!?
Make sure you're not deleting/renaming the /dump/ folder, the hashes.txt file, the nocompress.txt file...
In addition, make sure you haven't deleted any files from the /dump/ folder.
I'll have descriptive errors in the next release, but for now...

The packer or dumper crashes midway through.
The game crashes and I get an error similar to: "Unable to create the error report. Please verify that there is enough space in your TEMP folder"
You're out of hard drive space. Clear some so the game/packer/dumper can unpack/pack/unpack the archives.

Skeletal animations appear funny/broken. Limbs are flying all over the place. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!?
Unfortunately it seems that some skins broke in the April patch (one month before this was released). I have no idea why
this would happen, but if you're getting broken animations like this, you'll have to just revert the champion's skins and skeleton
back to the original.

I can't find my champion's folder!?
Some champions have folder names that are different from their in game names. For example, Taric's folder is "GemKnight"
In addition, most champions are in the archive, but Brand and Rumble aren't. Brand is in, and Rumble's in an archive after that.

Do I have to run the dumper/packer EVERY TIME I want to install a mod? That is despicable! Good Grief!
You have to run the dump once, then only change what you want to change when repacking.
As always, back up your changes so you can revert.

The game crashed or the UI appears distorted after I finished running the packer
You need to restart the game client before you go in game.

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